Sunday, July 30, 2006

Follow the Leader

One of our favorite games was follow the leader. The funny thing about this was that this was when we were in our late teens / early twenties. Once, it was my turn to plan the family night, but I had procrastinated, and not managed to plan anything. So, on the spot, I decided to lead the whole family in a game of follow the leader, around the block. Our friend, Chris, happened to come by for a visit, and arrived just in time to see this scene: I burst out of the front door, jumping, kicking, waving my hands above my head, and yelling "BAAAAHHH!" Next comes John doing the same thing, followed by Mom, Dad, Todd, Ashley and Trent, all jumping, kicking, waving, and screaming like lunatics. Chris, to our great amusement, followed suit, and jumped out of his car in the same fashion. We then ran, skipped, hopped, and acted like fools in general, single file around the block.

We also played this game on many occasions on Friday or Saturday nights. We'd go for long walks, John, Chris, and I, (at ages of between 17-20) and play follow the leader along the highway, or world in general. It was great fun, and we got many a strange look (which was half of the fun). Once, some teens, who we didn't know, rode by in their car and yelled "What are you doing?!!" To which John replied "Can't you tell, I'm doing THIS!" as he was marching like a much exaggerated, wind up, toy soldier, with his knees coming almost up to his chin and his arms coming up over his head. The guy in the car then yelled "Oh my Gosh, you're a FREAK, why don't you kill yourself!!" We all had a hardy laugh at that, and went on our way acting like the weirdos that we are.

We also played follow the leader in various other places, such as the grocery store, on many occasions when we were in our early twenties. We got many a strange look! It was also great fun to go to the grocery store dressed up in very strange costumes, such as bathrobes, Bozo wigs, and any other strange assortment of clothing that we could come up with.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Riding a Tree to Dairy Queen

This happened when I was about 18 years old. Bruce was cutting down a tree in my parents backyard. There was a large limb which John, Bruce, Chris and I grabbed out of the mess. We, all four, mounted it and rode it (like you would a stick horse) to the Dairy Queen, about a block away. We then parked it in a parking space and went inside to order our ice cream. I can't remember if we tried to order at the drive through or not. We did attempt to walk / ride bikes at the drive through a few times. They would generally not serve us. Anyway, this time we told the people that were working there that we had ridden there on a tree, and they did not believe us. So, when we left, we got back on our branch and rode around the place a couple of times doing cowboy whoops. What fun!

String Across the Road

Here's the first one that pops into my mind. We had a spot in our side yard, under our tree swing, where we were allowed to dig holes. We would dig huge holes (for a child), big enough to hide in. One of my favorite things to do was to tie a rope to the telephone pole across the street, which lead into the hole. We would put sticks on our rope, in the middle of the road. One of us would hide in our hole (with dirt covered cardboard covering the top of the hole). The other one would stand watch. When a car would come, the one on the outside would give a signal, and the one in the hole would give the rope a tug, causing sticks to fly up in front of the cars.

We did this type of thing so much, that the locals were getting used to us. One time, we were standing on either side of the road, pretending to be holding a rope. A delivery man came by and told us to get our rope out of the way. We told him that there was nothing there, and to go on through. He got mad and insisted that we move the rope (that wasn't there). We insisted that there wasn't anything in the way, and to go on through. (All the time pretending to holding a rope taunt). He did not believe us, turned around, in the middle of the road, and went the other way.