Thursday, March 08, 2007


To do this blog right we have to introduce Brad pretty soon. A year older than me, we often talked about how cool it would be if he got held back a grade in school so that we would be in the same grade. I still dont know for sure if Brad intentionally engineering his failing 3rd grade or not, but fail he did, and we were in the same grade the rest of our lives and we were glad about it. As to if he flunked on purpose, all I can say is I would not put it past him.

Frankly there was not much you could put past Brad.

Both parents seemed to be gone from home at work all the time, so Brad had alot more personal freedom than I did. Alot more access to the telephone, so he made alot more prank calls than I ever got to. I was admiring and jealous. He had money to buy all kinds of electronic gadgets, which we would take apart and put back together in his laborotory. His parent's had a garage, but we always called it the lab instead.

Prank calls was his way of life. (Last time I checked in with him, 5 years or so ago, they still were, actaually). He picked an old lady more or less at random, and made a very regular target of her. (5 or so years ago, she was still a regular on his hit list) Ordering pizza to other peoples houses... limos, cabs, chicken... anything that people would deliver, he ordered, for other people. He was the brains that came up with the idea of filling out business reply mail cards for other people, that resulted in the creation of an imaginary Vincent Sever who my parents get mail for to this day.

I recently saw and raised this gag to marvelous effect, did I not Renae?

He and I lived in perpetual fear of the operator, who could trace calls, and of people who had tracing machines at thier house. To push zero on the phone was an act of extreme moxy that I couldn't really pull off, but Brad occasionally pranked even the operator. We had susperstitions about how you could tell if your victim had a "tracer"... you had to listen for a humming in the background. This lead to us building a huge data base of the phone numbers for various pay telephones in the area. Because we knew they were completely safe to call-no tracers. We used to jot down numbers of payphones when we were out and call each other to share them as soon as we got home. We had over 100 numbers.

He and I invented "tieing up the block" which meant we would get a spool of thread and wrap it (or try to) around the block on which we lived. We tried one end to the back of our bikes, and lodged the spool end some where so it would pay out as we went.

I could go on. more later...


Luke said...
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Luke said...

Yo dude i dont know if you've seen it before but this dude is from and i love his pranks and he seems like a cool dude