Thursday, March 08, 2007

John Digs a Hole in the Roof

This one cracked me up so bad! (But Diana, our neighbor, remarked to me that she thought John was a lunatic.)

John was about 17ish, and Dad was having a new roof put on the house. John grabbed a snow sled and dragged it up onto the roof. He filled it with old shingled and placed it just out of sight, on the back side of the roofs peak. He got a shovel, and proceeded to throw shovels full of shingles into the air yelling "I'm digging a hole in the roof!" like an utter maniac! It was very funny!



Anonymous said...

I remember it as a sled full of dirt. Mom was mad, mostly I thin cause she was humiliated.

Qing-jao said...

Great work.