Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Satan Loves You

Yeah, now that you mention it I do remember the square head guy. I also remember you (Renae) doing that wierd thing you do with your eyes and running up to strangers in the mall moaning: "Saaataan loooooooooves you!" (Did Amy do that one with you?)(Also, remember the truth or dare sessions we used to have with that crowd?)

Remember the time Alton Square Mall security kicked us out and told us we could never ever come back? We were with two of your friends- can't remeber thier names- another brother and sister though. He was blond, she was attractive as I recall, (but then I was a teenager, all girls were.) I also cannot remeber why the Mall kicked us out. This might have been the night that we picked these two whose names escape me up in the old station wagon. You were driving, and you backed out of their driveway the wrong way onto... whatever that street is... the big 4 lane where the Roxana Cine used to be... 111... yeah. Anyhow you backed out the wrong way, so that we were now facing oncoming traffic. We all screamed, and you corrected by flipping a U.

Which, if you think about it, means we were now in the opposite lane, again facing oncoming traffic, heading the other way. So we all screamed some more. This time you swerved back into the lane we had originally been in, so we finally had oncoming traffic behind us. But facing the opposite of the direction we wanted to go.

Which puts me in mind of the time you, me, Chris LaBoube, and Candy Albert all got lost in East St. Louis... but that's another story!

John Drives Renae To School

I was always late for school -gasp! You?! No!- I was actually late so many times that I got suspended once or twice for too many tardies. Anyway, my junior and senior year, John was graduated, and could drive, so I'd often go and wake him up and beg him to drive me to school (I normally walked) so I wouldn't be late. He'd drive me to school many times dressed in nothing but a pair of cut off sweatpants and a blanket. I remember one day when I had done this, I was sitting in my home room when this girl comes in with her eyes popping and she says something like this: "Oh my gosh! There was this weird guy wearing a blanket out there! He jumped out of his car and went 'Bbllaahh!' at me!" or something like that. I had a little giggle to myself! What exactly did you do?

The Dairy Queen Drive Through

Speaking of getting kicked out of places, (I didn't realize how frequently it seems that we did get kicked out of places.) we got kicked out of DQ several times for making faces at the people in the drive-through.

They had a small section around the back and to the side where you could go to eat your ice-cream. This had one window that was right next to the drive through. So, if you sat at that table, you were about 2 or 3 feet away from the people in the drive through, who were stuck there waiting in line. So, my favorite thing to do was to make faces at them or eat really grossly or just stare at them. It was funny to see who would react, and who would just pretend that they didn't see you. Eventually someone would tell on us when they got to the drive through window, and we'd get kicked out.

Square Head In The Mall

One time we were at the mall with Amy, Tom Gazda, Nathan & Logan Bryan, anyone else? I can't remember. We happened to see some poor guy with a squarish head. He was just a regular guy, no real reason for us to pick him out, but we all got in a single file line and followed the poor guy all around the mall.

Halloween Fun

One year on Halloween, we were playing tricks on our trick-or-treaters. I (Renae) answered the door and handed out the candy, dressed up as an old hag, while John, dressed in black (so he'd be harder to see) hid just out of sight on the other side of the roof. As soon as the people came to the door, and hence were under the porch roof, John would roll a dummy that we had made off of the roof. I'd then run out all distressed yelling something like "Oh no, my son!" That was fun, but it eventually backfired on us when we pulled the trick on some stinky teenagers. They grabbed our dummy and ran away with it. This was very bad because we had not only made it from our dad's clothes, but also had stuffed it with a sizable chunk of his wardrobe. I thought we were dead for sure! But John chased them down the road, and we got the dummy back.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Retarded in Halmark

There was that time when we (me and Renae) were in Halmark for some reason or other and I was going into my "retarded" act... It involved screwing up my hair, assuming a moronic, vacant expression, staring, using a faked speach impediment, using a faked brain impediment, playing recklessly with breakable objects. Renae assumed the role of my "keeper". So, while I was playing recklessly with a breakable Halmark figurine as part of my act, I all sort of,-broke it for real. We had to buy it.

We also did the retarded act occassionally while walking close to heavy traffic. I'd pretend to be trying to dash out in front of oncoming cars, and Renae pretended to be almost unable to restrain me.

Newspaper House

So, Renae and I did not start "hanging out" until we were in our later teens. Alot of reasons for this, but I think one way to sum them all up is as follows:

When we were kids, we did what is probably not uncommon for siblings to do, that is we (I think) deliberately tried to be as unalike as possible. At some point around 1990 though, we realized that we actually had quite alot in common after all.

We started going for long walks around our neighborhood, sometimes with friends, sometimes not. Sometimes at night, sometimes not. About the same time, we started playing follow the leader (see previous).

Remeber (of course you do) the newspaper house?
For some reason one night, we were out walking, and we started in picking up all the freebie newspapers that somebody had delivered earlier that day. This wasn't stealing exactly because nobody subscribes to these papers, they just show up. I guess they must have nothing in them but ads, I wouldn't know, I never looked. I think we must have thought it was funny to undo, for no reason whatsoever, what somebody had spent so much effort to do... and it was.

Wasn't long before we had as many papers as could be carried. What to do with them? We picked somebody's lawn at random, and dumped the lot. How many papers was it? Well, I am sure I was carrying as many as one person could, so like 30 or so at least and I think Renae had about as many. And I think we had a couple friends along too. So it could be around 100. We thought it was hilarious. So we did it again a few nights later, to the same house. I can't remeber how many times we repeated this gag, but we always made sure we found that same house. We never had any idea who lived there.