Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Halloween Fun

One year on Halloween, we were playing tricks on our trick-or-treaters. I (Renae) answered the door and handed out the candy, dressed up as an old hag, while John, dressed in black (so he'd be harder to see) hid just out of sight on the other side of the roof. As soon as the people came to the door, and hence were under the porch roof, John would roll a dummy that we had made off of the roof. I'd then run out all distressed yelling something like "Oh no, my son!" That was fun, but it eventually backfired on us when we pulled the trick on some stinky teenagers. They grabbed our dummy and ran away with it. This was very bad because we had not only made it from our dad's clothes, but also had stuffed it with a sizable chunk of his wardrobe. I thought we were dead for sure! But John chased them down the road, and we got the dummy back.


Eyepoke said...

Yeah that was a good time. The scaring people from the roof on Halloween is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. Miss that. Is Trent carrying that one on?

Eyepoke said...

Oh yeah I just remembered! The dummy's name- you kept calling him "Jared". As in "JARED, JARED! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU JARED!"