Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John Drives Renae To School

I was always late for school -gasp! You?! No!- I was actually late so many times that I got suspended once or twice for too many tardies. Anyway, my junior and senior year, John was graduated, and could drive, so I'd often go and wake him up and beg him to drive me to school (I normally walked) so I wouldn't be late. He'd drive me to school many times dressed in nothing but a pair of cut off sweatpants and a blanket. I remember one day when I had done this, I was sitting in my home room when this girl comes in with her eyes popping and she says something like this: "Oh my gosh! There was this weird guy wearing a blanket out there! He jumped out of his car and went 'Bbllaahh!' at me!" or something like that. I had a little giggle to myself! What exactly did you do?

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Anonymous said...

Just snarled and slavered from inside the car. She had to walk under the cat-walk from the main building to the science building, across the the crosswalk, where I was. I happened to be at the stop sign there.