Sunday, June 03, 2007

Retarded in Halmark

There was that time when we (me and Renae) were in Halmark for some reason or other and I was going into my "retarded" act... It involved screwing up my hair, assuming a moronic, vacant expression, staring, using a faked speach impediment, using a faked brain impediment, playing recklessly with breakable objects. Renae assumed the role of my "keeper". So, while I was playing recklessly with a breakable Halmark figurine as part of my act, I all sort of,-broke it for real. We had to buy it.

We also did the retarded act occassionally while walking close to heavy traffic. I'd pretend to be trying to dash out in front of oncoming cars, and Renae pretended to be almost unable to restrain me.


Renae said...

John you're back! I'm so happy! I haven't even read your stuff yet, but I will momentarily. I'd given up on you.

Renae said...

Wow, I'd forgotten about that! It's shocking to me the things that I don't remember. I need some ginsing, or ginkoba or whatever it is for memory!

timpani76 said...

OK, so far Renae is winning on the funny stories, John, try harder! Just kidding, nice to read your stuff again.
luf, timpani

Anonymous said...

yeah... I do like this blog... it really is mostly technical difficulties that have kept me from posting stuff here.