Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Satan Loves You

Yeah, now that you mention it I do remember the square head guy. I also remember you (Renae) doing that wierd thing you do with your eyes and running up to strangers in the mall moaning: "Saaataan loooooooooves you!" (Did Amy do that one with you?)(Also, remember the truth or dare sessions we used to have with that crowd?)

Remember the time Alton Square Mall security kicked us out and told us we could never ever come back? We were with two of your friends- can't remeber thier names- another brother and sister though. He was blond, she was attractive as I recall, (but then I was a teenager, all girls were.) I also cannot remeber why the Mall kicked us out. This might have been the night that we picked these two whose names escape me up in the old station wagon. You were driving, and you backed out of their driveway the wrong way onto... whatever that street is... the big 4 lane where the Roxana Cine used to be... 111... yeah. Anyhow you backed out the wrong way, so that we were now facing oncoming traffic. We all screamed, and you corrected by flipping a U.

Which, if you think about it, means we were now in the opposite lane, again facing oncoming traffic, heading the other way. So we all screamed some more. This time you swerved back into the lane we had originally been in, so we finally had oncoming traffic behind us. But facing the opposite of the direction we wanted to go.

Which puts me in mind of the time you, me, Chris LaBoube, and Candy Albert all got lost in East St. Louis... but that's another story!


Renae said...

Man, I nearly pead my pants, laughing at that traffic story! I can't remember much about getting kicked out of the mall. What did we do?! We were never destructive or anything, just rather annoying. Was it Becky & Shane that we were with? Those are the only other brother & sister combo that I can think of that we would have gone anywhere with. Becky was short. Anywho. What was the Chad story? I think that one was more you than me. I just remember that he thought you were weird. Oh yeah, did we pick him out to stare at in stake conference?

Anonymous said...

This is Jon Crider I served with Sever on his mission. I love this blog I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Some of the stories I remember since on a mission we had no TV and Sever made sure we were well entertained.

I am trying to remember the song we made up about Moses and "LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!" oh the good times.

timpani76 said...

Wow! You guys are going crazy on the stories. Keep them coming. Hello Jon Crider I am no one in particular, just someone who has known J & R since forever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Crider!

thanks for dropping in. how you been?

That Moses song we made up! It was (correct me in the unprecidented event that I am wrong) to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas and Instead went throught the 10 plagues of Eygpt. The best verse was to the tune of "5 golden rings". You came up with it. It was simply: "LOOO-OO-OO-CUSTS!"

I also liked the jolly sound "hay ay ayl and fire, boils and blains, killed all my cows and the nile turned to blood!"

Lets see if I can remeber it all:

On the first day of passover Moses brought to me:

The nile turned to blood

On the second day ....etc:

2Thousands of frogs
3Millions of Flies
4Billions of Lice
6killed all my cows
7boils and blains
8hail and fire
9three days of darkness
10 (again to the tune of 5 gold rings)(again Crider thought of doing it this way):

yeah the good times rolled... Miss ya. If you ever do a pilgrimage to Nauvoo etc, you should swing by.

I was lucky enough to have good comps both my Christmases. Crider the first time Bruno (one of your many sons) the second. You dont hear from Bruno do you?

welp- kids to spank await. Cya-

Jon said...

Nice! Yeah I haven't heard from Bruno in years. Life is good here in Texas. We are planning on moving out east next summer for my PhD program so we might make a trip through Nauvoo to see ya. It would be good times again.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is john's wife; if crider goes to nauvoo, and has the auDAcity to NOT stop by, oooooo, are you in for it buddy!! just kidding, (well, mostly), but it would be so very awesome to actually meet one of the many icons of john's mission stories. come on up any ole stinkin' time!!!