Sunday, June 03, 2007

Newspaper House

So, Renae and I did not start "hanging out" until we were in our later teens. Alot of reasons for this, but I think one way to sum them all up is as follows:

When we were kids, we did what is probably not uncommon for siblings to do, that is we (I think) deliberately tried to be as unalike as possible. At some point around 1990 though, we realized that we actually had quite alot in common after all.

We started going for long walks around our neighborhood, sometimes with friends, sometimes not. Sometimes at night, sometimes not. About the same time, we started playing follow the leader (see previous).

Remeber (of course you do) the newspaper house?
For some reason one night, we were out walking, and we started in picking up all the freebie newspapers that somebody had delivered earlier that day. This wasn't stealing exactly because nobody subscribes to these papers, they just show up. I guess they must have nothing in them but ads, I wouldn't know, I never looked. I think we must have thought it was funny to undo, for no reason whatsoever, what somebody had spent so much effort to do... and it was.

Wasn't long before we had as many papers as could be carried. What to do with them? We picked somebody's lawn at random, and dumped the lot. How many papers was it? Well, I am sure I was carrying as many as one person could, so like 30 or so at least and I think Renae had about as many. And I think we had a couple friends along too. So it could be around 100. We thought it was hilarious. So we did it again a few nights later, to the same house. I can't remeber how many times we repeated this gag, but we always made sure we found that same house. We never had any idea who lived there.


Renae said...

That was great. We we a bit of hooligans? I don't know. We left them on the porch, by the way. I always thought you were great fun to hang out with, even when we were kids. But it just wasn't cool to do things with your brother, so I usually pretended to the contrary. I suppose I was the annoying tag along little sister.

Anonymous said...

who you?
no, never thought of you as an annoying tag along, ever. honestly.