Thursday, August 09, 2007

The End Is Near!

Speaking of people acting weird in high school. I remember once when John's notebook cover tore off, he wrote "THE END IS NEAR!!" on it and tied it around his neck. He wore it all around school that day. Our assistant principal, Mr. Raich (the only person who could walk down a crowded hallway and punch every single person playfully in the arm) pulled me aside during lunch, sat me down and asked me "Is your brother okay?" He was really worried. He thought you were on drugs or something. I laughed and assured him that you were just being silly.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chicken in a Biscuit

Speaking of Trent,who is great, remember when he used to go crazy any time anyone said "chicken in a bisciut" in his prescence? He explained that it gave him a huge energy burst and made him basically try to move every muscle in his body as fast as possible simutaneuosly.

Also, He used to have a whole list of words that if he heard them he would attack. As I remember he liked to hear "Chicken in a biscuit" but hated to hear:

Treacle, Pindrop, "shiing", Carl Sagan, Simon and Garfunkel, and several others.

I remember me and Todd shouting them all at him while he was on stage at City of Joseph, and supposed to be posing for those dumb publicity photos one night. The ones, you know, that take a billion years and you have to hold still for. It was great. The frustration was evident in every line of his posture. He also didnt like to hear : "I'm sqeeeeezed in the middle.. smack daaaaaaab in the middle" or "Thank you Cleeeeeevelaaaaand!"

hes so funny!
but he sucks at Tony Hawk.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Trent Head!

I think that our great little brother Trent deserves some space here. All of our siblings do, being all great, but I've just heard a plummy bit of Trentness that I want to share. I'll tell you about Todd and Ashley some other time. Anyway, Trent is our youngest sibling. He is almost 15 years younger than myself, and 17 years younger than John. This makes him about to turn 17 now. He is one heck of a great guy and one heck of a hoot! You've got to love Trent!
I heard about a thing that Trent did a couple of years ago, that I hadn't heard before. Maybe you have, John, I don't know. I had a good laugh, so I'll share. He took to writing "curses" out on slips of paper and hiding them around places like church and school for people to find. They would say something like "Anyone who reads this book will be cursed with flatulence unceasing!" or "Curses upon anyone who opens this locker!" He had one guy that was in about 3 or 4 of the same classes in a day with Trent, so Trent started to target him, just for kicks. He'd figure out ways to sneak "curses" onto his desk, and into his locker. This guy didn't know who was doing it, but Trent had a good time watching his reactions. He'd get up and yell "what the heck, another one!" Trent said that one time they were in computer lab, and he was keeping and eye on this kid, watching for when his cursor went up to the "print" part of the screen. He was ready, as soon as he saw this guy getting ready to print, he pushed the print on his computer, and made the printer print out a sheet of paper that said "CURSE YOU!!!"

As they all printed off of the same printer, this guy goes up to get his paper and gets Trent's curse and flips out!
"Who is it?! Who's doing that!"
The teacher was ticked off, but no one knew it was Trent, so no one got into trouble. Too funny!
A couple of years back they were at scout camp, and the first day, Trent went up to some kid from another troop, who he didn't know from Adam, and says
"You are my nemesis!"
He then followed this kid around for the rest of the week and messed with him. All in fun though. Lest anyone get the wrong impression, Trent is in no way a bully. He was just joking, and I'm sure the other kid knew it.