Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chicken in a Biscuit

Speaking of Trent,who is great, remember when he used to go crazy any time anyone said "chicken in a bisciut" in his prescence? He explained that it gave him a huge energy burst and made him basically try to move every muscle in his body as fast as possible simutaneuosly.

Also, He used to have a whole list of words that if he heard them he would attack. As I remember he liked to hear "Chicken in a biscuit" but hated to hear:

Treacle, Pindrop, "shiing", Carl Sagan, Simon and Garfunkel, and several others.

I remember me and Todd shouting them all at him while he was on stage at City of Joseph, and supposed to be posing for those dumb publicity photos one night. The ones, you know, that take a billion years and you have to hold still for. It was great. The frustration was evident in every line of his posture. He also didnt like to hear : "I'm sqeeeeezed in the middle.. smack daaaaaaab in the middle" or "Thank you Cleeeeeevelaaaaand!"

hes so funny!
but he sucks at Tony Hawk.

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Renae said...

You'll have to tell about the Christmas that you & Bruce stayed up late sticking Carl Sagan's picture on all of Trent's gifts and all over the house with messages like "Come live with me on Mars" (Trent hates Carl Sagan, at the time the mention of the name "Carl Sagan" was a HUGE buzz word with him.) It was funny! Well, I guess I just did tell about it.