Thursday, August 09, 2007

The End Is Near!

Speaking of people acting weird in high school. I remember once when John's notebook cover tore off, he wrote "THE END IS NEAR!!" on it and tied it around his neck. He wore it all around school that day. Our assistant principal, Mr. Raich (the only person who could walk down a crowded hallway and punch every single person playfully in the arm) pulled me aside during lunch, sat me down and asked me "Is your brother okay?" He was really worried. He thought you were on drugs or something. I laughed and assured him that you were just being silly.

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Eyepoke said...


Remeber the time I took a sledgehammer to school and threatened our other principal with it (you remember the one who wasn't cool, but was instead a loser)and bashed his loser face in? I cant really remeber that one either, maybe because I only dreamed about it, and never did it.
Mom and Dad used to tell me that I didn't like high school because I was being silly, and I would say, no I didn't like it cause it sucked, and they would say things like someday I would feel differently, and I would counter thier argument by saying I doubted it very highly, and they would say I was wrong about that and smirk in a way that seemed to say "o no young one we know better because we are old" and I would say that all that meant was that they were out of touch with modern high school, and they would get mad and the argument would go on like this for a week or two, and then start over?

Well, I'm 34, I have just about doubled my high school age, and I still think high school was an almost complete waste of my time. The classes were geared for stupid people, and not even really for stupid people, more like boring people. There were some stellar teachers but there were some that were not quite smart enough to do laundry in a prison.