Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ashley Bashley

The severed arm trick made me think of a few good Ashley stories, so I dedicate this entry to Ashley. (We'll have to do one for Todd soon!) When she was smaller, we used to compare her to the fairies from Peter Pan. They were too small to feel any emotion but one at a time, but that one they felt absolutely and completely. Ashley was this way. I remember one time when Bruce had made her mad for some reason or another. He was laying on the living room floor (WHAT, Bruce laying on the living room floor?!). Enraged, she came running at him, full steam with a large cardboard box that she was going to paste him good with. He stuck his foot up, but she couldn't see it over the box. The box bounced off his foot, and sent her flying backwards a few feet to land on her back. She was soo mad!

Then there was the time she got her first sunburn that peeled. She was in her room changing cloths and we heard this terrified scream "MOOOM!" She thought she had leprosy. Funny, Funny!
You've got to love Ashley though! My children are wild about Aunt Ashley.
We have this silly family group portrait. I have a large one hanging on my living room wall (or I will again, if I ever finish the darn painting). Mom got a bunch of them made up for X-mas cards. Ashley sent one to her neurologist, who shes periodically about her seizures. He put it into her file, and the next time she came in, he said "I can't believe you sent this to a brain doctor!" He thought it was funny. Here it is, but the colors came out weird when it transferred to blogger. I don't know why.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scary Stuff

Yes, I remember that.

That was always what Mom and Dad told us kidnappers were most likely to say to us before kidnapping us. I was not so scared of kidnappers as you were Renae. You should tell about how very traumatized you were by dad's kidnapper stories. I don't really remember them, except that the alley behind our house on 5th st. was supposed to be, by us kids, to be a major traffic area for kidnappers.

Speaking of scary things, one staple of our TV-less entertainment was the haunted houses we used to make in our basement. As I have said before, our basement had twisty, uneven cement steps that led into an unfinished dark room that was somehow made of mostly dark corners. The whole basement had a lovely haunted feel to it. Me, Renae and Brad were the principle actors in the spook alleys we used to have in the basement all the time. Chris L, Kathleen or Eric F chipped in occasionally as I recall. I cant rememeber much about them except that we spent alot of time discussing possible lighting and sound effects, and came up with some stuff that we though was scary anyway. I LOVED being scared, but I loved scaring other people even better. One chronic problem was that after we had reciuted all our friends to be in our spook alley, there was no one left in the neighborhood to go into it and be scared by it. We used to covet masks and props that as kids we could not afford. ( Aside: I bought a mask this last Friday as I can now afford one. I even put it on a for bit whilst I was writing this but it was getting hot inside). The sound track for all our haunted houses was a Disney sound effects record that I was thrilled and chilled to find on line a year ago:

This record was SO AWESOME back then. Dad rented it from the library and it scared the very devil out of us. After that we used it for all our spook alleys. I have since bought other "spooky" sound effects CDs and tapes over the years and have always been disappointed. The first track on side one was our favorite. Track 1 side 2 was our second favorite.

Renae- we ought to some year have a terrifying haunted house in at Halloween time in your basement. It would be a riot. Whaddaya think? Mebbe I'll recriut some kids up here and haunt my house this year.

MMMM! do you remeber staying up on Halloween to listen to the Halloween Spooktackular on KMOX? They'd broad cast spooky stories and we'd start out sitting still, listening like- yeah this is not scary to me... then the second story would come on, and we'd be getting a bit fidgety and jumpy. Then the third story would come on and we'd have to run out of them room in terror- for short periods of time. I do love Halloween.

Did Becky and Ginger ever tell you about Bloody Mary? Supposedly if you look in a mirror in a dark room and say "bloody Mary" three times over, Bloody Mary will appear in the mirror. I did it once. At least I think I did- I got pretty scared and had to dash out of the room- Grandma and Grandpa Severs bathroom. I didn't see bloody mary that I recal, but Im not sure that I stayed around long enough to really find out.

I also one time tried saying the Lord's Prayer backwards. I got the idea from Huckleberry Finn, and I got the Lord's Prayer out of the Illustrated Bible Story books Mom and Dad have. It scared me, but nothing happened.

Mom never let us listen to pyschics for very long when they came on KMOX. Always a bitter disappointment.

Then there was the time I got a severed arm for Christmas. We left it stuck in the front door. Ashley was -- what 6-sh? She was traumatized for years. She would be instantly obediant if you threatened to go get The Arm.

She has gotten over it though. She was up here this last weekend and I put a severed arm that I had bought specifically for this purpose on her pillow while she was asleep. She only laughed. Drat.

What else used to be scary?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Playing Kidnappers

John, do you remember playing kidnappers? I just remembered that today. We were grade school age. We'd sit in our parents' car and tell kids passing by "Get in and I'll give you some candy."