Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ashley Bashley

The severed arm trick made me think of a few good Ashley stories, so I dedicate this entry to Ashley. (We'll have to do one for Todd soon!) When she was smaller, we used to compare her to the fairies from Peter Pan. They were too small to feel any emotion but one at a time, but that one they felt absolutely and completely. Ashley was this way. I remember one time when Bruce had made her mad for some reason or another. He was laying on the living room floor (WHAT, Bruce laying on the living room floor?!). Enraged, she came running at him, full steam with a large cardboard box that she was going to paste him good with. He stuck his foot up, but she couldn't see it over the box. The box bounced off his foot, and sent her flying backwards a few feet to land on her back. She was soo mad!

Then there was the time she got her first sunburn that peeled. She was in her room changing cloths and we heard this terrified scream "MOOOM!" She thought she had leprosy. Funny, Funny!
You've got to love Ashley though! My children are wild about Aunt Ashley.
We have this silly family group portrait. I have a large one hanging on my living room wall (or I will again, if I ever finish the darn painting). Mom got a bunch of them made up for X-mas cards. Ashley sent one to her neurologist, who shes periodically about her seizures. He put it into her file, and the next time she came in, he said "I can't believe you sent this to a brain doctor!" He thought it was funny. Here it is, but the colors came out weird when it transferred to blogger. I don't know why.

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