Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Few Random Silly Things That I Enjoyed

The Dumpster
When we were grade-school aged, we lived next door to our grandpa Sever's grocery store / meat market. They had a dumpster where all of the store trash was kept on the side of our house. It sounds disgusting now (think of all of the meat scraps that must have been in there), but we used to love to get inside of that thing to play. We'd hunker down, with the lid closed (it smelled aweful!) and pop up and yell at passersby. That was great! I've always loved popping out of nowhere at people and surprising them. I still do it in the store very occasionally, when I'm feeling particularly silly.

Alarm Clocks
When we were a bit older, we moved not too far from a WalMart. I used to go to the clock section, and just for fun, I'd set all of the alarm clocks to go off at the same time.

In Front of a Fancy Restraunt
When I was in college, a large group of us went to a fancy restraunt together. We had to wait for about an hour to be seated. They had us waiting outside, next to a large window where we could see people eating. I faced the window and started doing my crazy arm swinging thing. Another guy in our group had a similiar arm flailing thing that he did that was really funny too, so he started in. I actually saw a woman, in the restraunt spit out her food because she was laughing at us.


Anonymous said...

As I remember, Grandpa had seperate barrels for meat scraps- dont you remember those gray plastic garbage cans in the yard by the store? That's what (I am am pretty sure) those were. There is a picture of me standing in one (that had no meat in it at the time, except for me) and had filled up with rain water.

So we never found meat scraps in the dumpster. But Brad and I would often pretend to be homeless, starving children when people were passing by and pop up out of the dumpster waving soggy scraps of cardboard that LOOKED like meat (we thought). One lady chewed us out royally for doing it. "THAT AIN'T CUTE!" she hollered- and for laughes we repeated that phrase back to each other for the rest of our childhood.

The thing adults always worried about, that as kids we always thought was stupid, was the possiblity that the garbage compactor truck would come along while we were hiding in the dumpster, and we would get compacted. We thought that was a dumb thing to worry about because the garbage truck was very noisy. If we were in the dumpster when it came around we'd hear it and get out. That's how, I think, we had it reasoned out.


timpani76 said...

On a totally unrelated topic, but Renae's blog made me think of this. Did you guys ever use flatulence as a means of torturing siblings or others? I was just wondering if my older brother was the only one who farted in younger siblings faces for fun/torture.

Anonymous said...

No. Fist fights and sabatoge.


Anonymous said...

that story is funny