Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Teasing a Little Girl

Back when we were 20 somethings, before we had so many children that we out grew it, Bruce and I lived in a cute, little, blue, 2 bedroom house. Those were good days! Ah, memories of my early motherhood. Dang I'm going to be such a mess when my children really do grow up and move away. They're only 10, 8, 6, 2 and 3 months, but I just can't seem to get enough of my older kids these days. It's hurry up, go to school, hurry up get your homework done, hurry up to this and that. I'm missing them like crazy. Makes me want to home school, just so I could hang out with them more. I just don't know if I'd be any good at that. Okay, now I'm a big bawlly mess. This is NOT where I was going with this post!

ANYWAY! There was a girl named Chelsea who lived next door to us, in our little blue house. She was a sweet little girl, but she always seemed to be in our front yard. You peep your nose out the front door, and there was Chelsea, "Hey! How are you? Whacha doin?...Guess what I did today? Did you just flush the toilet?" etc.

You go somewhere, and you practically kick her out of your car, just so you can get down the road. You roll the car window up on her nose. She chases you down the street. "Where are you going? When are you going to be back? My mom shaves her back." (No, she never said that, and I'm sure her mother doesn't need to shave her back. It's just the type of thing she would say.)

You come home, and there's Chelsea sitting on your porch. "Where did you go? Did you go to the grocery store? Are you going inside?" She really was a nice little girl, just always there.

Anyway, one day we went to Six Flags, and John came with us. (Chelsea loved John. She would ask me about my "crazy brother" from time to time. She thought he was hilarious!) I'm going to guess that Chelsea would have been about 7ish, at the time. As we were loading up the car, there was Chelsea bouncing around with her usual questions, trying to help put the cooler in the trunk, etc. When we were getting ready to drive away, she came up to John's door and was in the act of shutting it for him, when John said "Don't do that. We always drive with the door open!"

"You do not!" said Chelsea

"Yes we do! That way we can jump out quickly if we get into a wreck." replied John.


"Yes, it's true."

"No it isn't!"

So it went. We drove away with the door wide open until we were out of sight. Chelsea was laughing and screaming after us. It was funny.

Another time, when Chelsea was probably 10ish, she came over and had me buy something for a school fundraiser or something. She asked me how I spelled my name, so that she could write it down on the form. I spelled it something like this (as she was writing it down):

"Remorqnzlobjhmprenl...." Until she caught on and said "No it isn't!"

So I started again: "Renlreqzj..."

We carried on like that with her writing and erasing over and over again for several minutes. (She thought it was funny too, so I wasn't just being mean.)


timpani76 said...

My neighbor's grandson is kind of like that.

I miss Vance when he's at school too! Plus, Vance still seems to need a nap after school lately, so I feel like I only see him in the evening!

Have you ever played hooky with all the kids just for fun? My mom would give us one day like that every year. Good times!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a pretty good plan T-dog. School is overrated.