Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dennis the Menace

That's what our next door neighbor, Diana used to call Todd (our younger brother) when he was a little tyke. He not only looked somewhat like him, with his blond hair, but he acted a bit like him too. Even though Todd was 2 or 3 years younger than Diana's twins, Missy and Mindy (who I babysat for at least once or twice a week for years), Diana was constantly calling me on the phone to tell me to go and make Todd stop terrorizing them.

I remember one particular phone call very well. Diana was having a little party in her backyard for her grown-up friends. Todd was in our backyard, and apparently thought that our neighbors needed some excitement. He got the hose out and started spraying Diana and her guests. She wasn't too happy. It was soon after that that Diana put up a partial privacy fence.

He pulled the hose prank on Mom once. As usual, we were running late for church. Todd was playing out in the front yard. Mom came out in her nice dress, with her make-up on and her hair all fixed up. The idea was just to bring Todd in, get him dressed, and rush off. However, it was not to be so easy. Todd mercilessly hosed her down, ruining hair, make-up and dress.


Eyepoke said...

I remember Todd successfully avoiding a spanking, because even though he was only 7 ish, Dad could not catch him. I remember him literally running a circle around dad, Dad making awkard grabs, that only served to pull him (Dad) off balance and make Todd and everyone watching laugh.

lizS said...

lol!! that's hilarious!

timpani76 said...

Did steam actually come out of your mother's ears? I would be so mad!

I threw a full glass of milk at my older sister when she was all dressed for church one time. I did give her fair warning, but she still persisted in telling me that I was not brave enough to throw the glass at her.