Sunday, February 15, 2009

Colonel Sanders is Who?

Incidentally, whose idea was it to spell "Colonel" that way? It makes no sense.
Let us revisit my parents' generation. The year was around 1964. A new Kentucky Fried Chicken had just opened up near the house where my dad and his family lived. To get to this KFC, you'd have had to go through my grandparents' backyard, across the alley, past the buildings on the other side (of the alley), and across the road.

Marsha, my dad's younger sister who was around 13 years old, was in the bathroom getting ready for bed one night. She glanced out the window and received quite the shock. According to Dad, she ran out of the bathroom all excited shouting "Jesus is coming back! He's here! Jesus is here! Come and see!"

From the bathroom window, the trees and the building across the alley blocked the view of KFC except for the lit up plastic Colonel Sanders on top of the KFC sign. In the dark, it looked like a glowing man in white standing above the trees. Who else would it be?


Eyepoke said...

As I remember the story, it was a Sunday night after a Sunday school lesson about the end of the world and all that.

I remeber going into that bathroom and looking at that Colonel Sanders when I was a kid.

timpani76 said...

Ok, Mr. Picky Pants (aka JOHN!). If you're so great how come you didn't remember the story before Renae?

It's a funny story either way ;)