Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dressing Races

Yeah, we need to update this here blog more often! So, I've made myself a list of things that I want to post on here. I'll be posting them on here, say once a week for a while, so keep up folks!

Here's one that I think John finds a bit embarrassing (I don't really know why though, he was a kid, and it's funny). So, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for putting this out there for the world.

Mom had this plan to encourage John and I to get ready for school faster. She would have us race each other to see who could get dressed first. John found a way to cheat, however. He just left out certain items of clothing that he deemed as unnecessary. Underwear was at the top of that list; no one ever saw it, so what's the point? This worked well for him, since it helped him to beat me. That is until the day that his jeans zipper got stuck in the down position at school. John had to walk from the bathroom, all the way to his classroom to have his teacher help him with his zipper. Mom got a phone call from Mrs. Pendt "Did you know that your son is not wearing underwear to school?"


timpani76 said...

What? Why would that be embarrassing? ;)

lizS said...

i, personally, think it's hilarious. and sooooo john, lol!

Andi said...

So....the next morning did you beat him getting dressed for school??? And what did your mom say to him practically every morning for a month??? I know I would be checking if any of my kids did that. Too funny!