Sunday, March 01, 2009

Belching Contest

Have I ever told you how much I adore my piano teacher Harlan? Well, the fact that I named a child after the man should give you a clue. He is the best teacher ever (next to Jesus), and just an all around terrific person. He definitely makes my top 3 list of people unrelated to me.

Anyway back in the day, I was a music student at the local community college. (Harlan was my piano teacher, the music theory teacher, the head of the Music Department, and all of us students were in total awe of him. We used to call him the "god of music.") At a particularly difficult time in my life, school was definitely my bright spot. I had lots of good friends and was learning things I loved. In the music building, there was a tiny conference room where we music students hung out between classes, did our homework, and goofed off in general. In this room, there were 3 stalls with doors not unlike the kinds in bathroom stalls (except these were wooden). These stalls were equipped with computer things designed to help you with things like ear-training, sight reading, and reading rhythm. I don't think anyone ever used them much.

One day a bunch of us were sitting around in the conference room, not doing much of anything, and one girl let out a tiny burp. One guy (who was a bit of a moron) said something like "Don't you just love it when a girl burps. Of course, none of them can do it very well."

Well, being accomplished in the art of belching, I couldn't let a remark like that go unchallenged. I had to prove him wrong. Out I rip with a prize winner of a belch, that anyone would have been proud of. Then commenced a string of belching back and forth. I was in the middle of a whopper of a door shaking belch when out walks Harlan-Hock-Head-of-the-Music-Department-God-of-Music-and-Every-Music-Student's-Idol from one of those small stalls where he had apparently been the entire time. Oh the shame!

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timpani76 said...

Embarrassing things rarely happen in the privacy of your own home ;)

Well, me falling down the stairs constantly, but most other things. I won't talk about them, though, too embarrassing!