Friday, July 31, 2009

Marsha & Reid's House

When we were in early grade school we had an aunt and uncle that lived about a block away. Aunt Marsha (my dad's sister) and Uncle Reid had 4 girls: Becky- about 1 1/2 year older than me, Ginger- within a month of my age, Amy- a couple of years younger than Ginger and I, and Katie- a year or so younger than Amy. Their son Mikey was a toddler when they moved to the country, and David was in the womb - I think.

Ginger was one of my best childhoods friends. That and the fact that we had no TV and they did meant that I spent a lot of time at Marsha & Reid's house. I wasn't the only extra child that their house harbored though. Marsha was so extremely nurturing and loving that her house was one of those houses that just attracted all of the children in the neighborhood. In fact, Becky and Ginger used to complain that their mom was too nice. My friend, Christy lived down the street from them. She had a bit of a phobia about thunderstorms. I remember many a time when a storm would blow up, she would get scared and instead of calling for her own mother, she would say "I want Marsha! I want Marsha!"

Uncle Reid was a character! Once Becky and Ginger were having a sleep-over. We were sitting up late in their bedroom telling scary stories. We were just in the middle of one about a robber when we heard a noise outside the open window. It scared us a bit, but we continued with our story. All of a sudden, the screen flew off of the window and a terrifying man with pantie hose over his head thrust his upper body in through the window and started grabbing at us. It was of course Uncle Reid, but he scared the poop out of us.

On a different sleep over, we girls were in bed and had been told numerous times to be quiet and go to sleep. We kept being loud and goofing off. Apparently Reid had had it with us. He stood in the doorway and hollered "I told you to be quiet and go to sleep!!" For emphasis, he slammed his hand into the wall. To our shock, his hand came all the way through the wall. I think we were quiet and went to sleep after that. The funny part is that they never fixed the wall. Instead they hung this picture over the hole:


(Forgive me, Uncle Reid! I hope you don't hate me for posting this, but it is a funny story! Love you bunches Reid and Marsha!)

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timpani76 said...

That's hilarious about the hole in the wall! I need a reminder like that to teach me to be more patient with my kids ;)