Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miss Gooberface

When I was in college, there was one particular teacher that NO ONE liked. Not that that makes it okay for me to be ugly to her (I never was - well not to her face - well not on purpose), but she did kind of deserve it. For the sake of anonymity, I'll call her "Miss Gooberface."

Miss Gooberface was probably the worst teacher I've ever had. I think she only lasted one semester, in the which time she managed to whittle her class that originally had 30 some students down to about 4. Nearly everyone dropped out because her class was impossible to pass. I hung on till nearly the end. She kept making these homework assignments that we had to complete on a CD ROM. The problem with that was that the only computer that we could do the assignments on was the computer in Harlan's office (the head of the music department). These assignments took a couple of hours to do too. It was ridiculous. We were always tieing up Harlan's computer trying to get our homework done. Miss G. even kicked us off of his computer once while we were trying to do our homework, so she could make up the next assignment. She had other shortcomings, but that was a biggie.

At the time, I worked in Harlan's office, which was set up in such a way that it was almost divided into two rooms. When you walked in the door, what you immediately came upon was a copy machine (which all of the music staff used) and his desk. Behind his desk was a large filing cabinet that made a kind of wall cutting off most of the rest of the room from people using the copy machine. On the other side of the filing cabinet was his computer, several keyboards, various other things.

One day Miss G. came into the office to make some copies for her class. I was sitting at the computer (behind the filing cabinet wall) typing up something for Harlan. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Miss G. started badgering me about some assignment that I hadn't turned in yet (probably one of those stupid CD ROM things that were practically impossible to get done). Since she was on the other side of the filing cabinet making copies, I started pulling horrible rude faces at my computer screen while she was griping at me. I was sticking out my tongue, rolling my eyes, flailing around like I was having some kind of silent fit, and making rude hand gestures (all the while keeping my eyes on what I was doing on the computer). After a couple of minutes of her griping and me being silently RUDE, I looked up to see her peering around the file cabinet at me. OOPS!

A few weeks later a friend of mine and I were in the office talking to Harlan, when he asked us if we intended to give blood at the blood drive they were having at the school that day. We said we would, and then Lisa says "Why don't we just take Gooberface down there and drain her!" No sooner had those words escaped her lips when Gooberface herself walks in the door (which was open) no doubt having heard every word.

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timpani76 said...

Seriously? Cd-Rom? I had a "miss gooberface" for two classes at SIUE, but she never gave us impossible homework tasks, she was just a sourpuss ;)